The “pro” in Prosecco might just mean that this reasonably priced Italian charmer is one to consider if Champagne—the real stuff—is not in your budget. If you like champagne but don’t appreciate the price tag, I’d like to suggest a high quality Prosecco. While true champagne must come from the eponymous region of France, we’ve all had the cheap fizzy stuff that leaves a gummy residue on the palate…and perhaps a headache the next day.


Similarly, there are sweet, cloying exemplars of Prosecco and if you’ve only ever tried one of those, you might never know the pleasure to be found in a superior bottle. Enter Carpenè Malvolti Prosecco di Conegliano DOCG, a bright and delicious Prosecco from the Veneto region of northern Italy, where limestone marl and chalk foster the earthy yet delicate characteristics of the prosecco grape, formerly known as the glera grape and, depending on who you talk to, still called by that name.

Brought to life by winemaker Antonio Spinazzè, the Carpenè Malvoti Prosecco di Conegliano DOCG is defined by a restrained effervescence, its tiny bubbles animating the delicate fruit factors: an ideal juxtaposition of toasty, yeasty warmth with bright, cool delicacy. Fruit notes are claimed by white peach and lychee with a light aroma of green apple.

One reason for Prosecco’s lower price tag is that it is not made by the Champagne method but by the Charmat method, where the wine undergoes its second fermentation in pressurized (usually steel) tanks or in large vats rather than in individual bottles.

There are several “levels” of Prosecco by this producer…make sure to examine the label. The DOCG is available online for between $14 and $18.

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