Quantum Leap (noun): an abrupt change, sudden increase, or dramatic advance.

The entrance to Quantum Leap Winery, Orlando, FL

The entrance to Quantum Leap Winery, Florida’s only urban winery

A quantum leap is what vintners Jill Ramsier and David Forrester took when they opened Quantum Leap Winery. Located in Orlando, Quantum Leap certainly represents a “dramatic advance” in winemaking and is Florida’s only sustainable urban winery.

What is an “Urban Winery?”

Most people think of a store where guests can make small batches of wines. Or maybe it’s a tasting room and retail shop. Quantum Leap Winery is redefining this concept.

Jill and David have innovatively re-invented the wine-to-market-process. Drawn together by a mutual love of good wine, they also share a concern for the environment. With their primary focus on sustainability, Jill and David travel the world seeking out high quality, sustainably grown grapes to use for crafting their wine.

Quantum Leap ships the juice from the vineyard in re-usable containers.

The grapes, crushed on site at the vineyards, are shipped in re-usable containers

Crushing the grapes on site and then transporting the juice in re-usable containers to the Orlando winery reduces the carbon footprint. This method also allows Jill and David to carry more juice. Once the wine arrives at the winery, it’s finished, blended and aged in stainless steel or oak barrels.

The oak barrels used for aging the wine at Quantum Leap.

After the wine is finished, it is aged in stainless steel or oak barrels


After the wine has aged, it’s then bottled and labeled. Each bottle is labeled by viticulture area, thus maintaining its original viticulture pedigree. Quantum Leap also uses 30% thinner “green” glass bottles, thus saving on shipping costs.




“It takes a lot of good beer to make a good wine.” -Matt Uva, Tasting Room Manager & Sales Manager


Chris overseas the bottling process for Quantum Leap Winery/

Chris meticulously oversees the bottling process at Quantum Leap. Using 30% thinner bottles is another way Quantum Leap is redefining the wine-to-market process








Blending the Perfect Wine

Blending good wine is part magic, part intuition, part science, and all art. The owners, along with Quantum’s wine crafter Norm Saley, cellar master Chris Perez, and tasting room and sales manager Matt Uva carefully and meticulously work their magic, blending each wine.

Jill and David also foster creativity and experimentation in their team. Matt and Norm, for example, have created a hard cider, Peddler’s Creek.  As a wine drinker, it was my first tasting of hard cider.  I must confess I was pleasantly surprised. It’s crisp on the palate and provides a refreshing alternative to a cold beer on a hot, steamy day. For fall and winter, they’re creating a peanut butter hard cider that tastes just like creamy peanut butter on apple slices. It sounds positively heavenly!

Quantum Leap is also blending hard Cider.

Peddler’s Creek, a hard cider is Quantum Leap’s newest offering

The Tasting Room

Quantum’s tasting room is unquestionably a change from the traditional. A large art piece created from vibrant, multi-hued wood that seems to undulate in the soft amber light, dominates the wall behind the bar.  Enhanced by the striking red wall and contemporary pendulum lighting this art piece is the centerpiece of the area. The coolest part of the tasting bar is its wine on tap system. The “tapped” wine delivers a consistent tasting wine every time – from the first glass to the last.

Quantum Leap's Tasting Room

Dominating the back wall of the tasting room is a striking art piece. Crafted from wood, this piece enhances the bar area, and sits above the innovative wine on tap system








Sipping our first tasting of Quantum Leap’s Garda White Blend Veneto, I was pleasantly surprised. As a predominantly red wine drinker, I typically shy away from white wine.  However, the Garda, which Matt explains is comprised of four northern Italian varietals – Garganega, Trebbiano, Trebbianello, and Cortese, was very soft on the palate.

Quantum Leap's Garda wine.

Our first tasting was Quantum Leap’s Garda wine. A pleasant wine, Garda will pair well with seafood.

Grown outside of Verona, Italy, the grapes produce a wine that is bright and well-balanced with green apple and floral aromas. A refreshing, crisp green apple, fruit forward finish makes this wine very pleasant to drink.

My favorite taste of the day was the Grape Peddler Rose. With aromas of strawberries and red apple, it was a beautiful, medium-bodied wine. I am looking forward to pairing Grape Peddler Rose with a cheese plate.

Most of us think wine on tap is for the less expensive box wines. However, Jill is quick to dispel this myth. “Not ordered as often, expensive wines should be the ones on tap. When you open a bottle of expensive wine to pour a glass or two, you let oxygen in, which sours the wine. By putting more expensive, less ordered wines on tap, you are getting a good quality glass of wine, first glass to last glass.”

I loved the ambiance of the tasting room. It has a relaxed, sophisticated vibe that makes you feel like a part of the family.  Skillfully woven among the scattered high top tables are wine displays. Soft lighting and art fill the room’s space, with dark rich wood tables placed throughout, encouraging intimate gatherings.


What better way to spend an evening with friends, than sharing great wine and lingering conversation? Jill and David share the mutual belief that “great wine and those who love great wine deserve a great space.” Quantum Leap has certainly achieved that with this tasting room.






Jill and David have created a space between the tasting room and the wine making warehouse that is perfect for wedding receptions or large gatherings. Oak barrels surround the area. Stacked high, the barrels enhance the intimate feeling of this space. A simple but elegant wood table ringed by supple red leather chairs is the centerpiece. Low-level lighting completes the warm, mellow space.


Quantum Leap Believes in Community-minded Philanthropy

Animals play a large part at the winery. Currently, seven rescued dogs call the winery their home. Holding a special place in the life of the winery, several of the rescues have wines named for them.


“Kaley’s Rescue Red” is dedicated to Kaley, rescued five years ago. Quantum Leap donates a portion of the proceeds from this blend to the Central Florida SPCA. “It’s important to give back and to partner with local charities of the community,” says Jill Ramsier.

The other dogs are Ollie, Wesley, Stewart (a master of the art of barrel climbing and barrel balancing) and Freckles and Shiloh, the latest additions to Quantum Leap’s pack.

Quantum Leap is a surprising oasis in bustling Orlando, a 25-minute drive from Walt Disney World.  David and Jill invite you to tour the winery, try their wines, shop for art and merchandise, and enjoy the ambiance of the Tasting Room. Complimentary tours are available during winery hours upon request, subject to staff availability. Private group tours, tastings, and private events are available. To inquire about availability, please call 407-730-3082 or email info@quantumleapwinery.com.

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