2013 Massimo Prestige Vineyards Marlborough, New Massimo New Zealand Sauvignon BlancZealand Sauvignon Blanc:

My local store carries this wine for about $9.00 and it’s a steal. I’m a great fan of New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, and this one leaves no doubt about its origins with its gooseberry-lime flavor profile and tart acidity. Massimo is one of Delicato’s brands, a winery that consistently over-delivers at each price point, quietly turning out a sea of excellent wine at affordable prices. You’ll find a few cheaper Sauvignon Blancs, but you’ll pay double to find anything better. 90 points. $9.00


2013 Parker Station, 62% Monterey County, 24% Santa Parker Station California Pinot NoirBarbara County, 14% San Luis Obispo County, Pinot Noir:

Parker Station is Fess Parker’s value line. They bill this one as “The best Pinot Noir you can afford to drink daily,” and I won’t dispute it. The 2013 is a rich wine with plum and cherry fruit, with subtle accents of earth, vanilla and cloves. Beautifully balanced, with typical silky texture and a spicy finish, it’s hard to see where you could find better for twice the price. 91 points. $11.00


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