Many people consider wine pairing an art form because it takes months, sometimes years, to learn which flavorful wines work well with different kinds of food. With thousands of selections on the market, finding the perfect wine for certain meals can be extremely difficult.

wine-glassesThankfully, smartphones are becoming more and more useful to everyday life. Apps today don’t just entertain people through games but also provide vital information on doing stuff such as pairing food and wine. According to the company that handles the entertainment site Spin Genie, Internet mobile connectivity is one of the most powerful trends in the Internet landscape today, which is why users can now see apps that cater even to the most niche of markets. A couple of decades ago, wine enthusiasts had to educate themselves regarding pairing wine and food through trial and error, books from experts, or learn from TV shows. Today, expert advice is literally a click away thanks to so many useful apps that are available via our smartphones.

Hello Vino is one of the most comprehensive wine pairing apps in the mobile market today. It provides wine pairing recommendations for any occasion based on expert opinions and a user’s personal preferences.

It’s very easy to navigate, as users only need to input information on what they’re eating and Hello Vino will come up with a list of ideal wines suitable for the occasion. Users can also get information about the wine they’re looking at by scanning the bottle’s label. From there, the app will provide the user with a detail account of the wine and what meals it best suits.


One of the most impressive features of the app is its “Wine Pro on-call” wherein users can actually talk to wine-educated experts based in California. The experts are always available for a chat and have a suggestion for any kind of meal you happen to be preparing. Want to pair birthday cakes, candies, or even granola bars with wine? No problem, the experts will no doubt have some educated advice for you.

Hello Vino also has a reverse search feature where instead of typing in food, users can search for pairings based on the wine they already have. Whether it’s Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon, Hello Vino has a recommended pairing for the more exquisite steak dinner or the more informal Mac n Cheese supper.

Hello Vino is free for both iOS and Android users.

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