from “Poilâne – Star Breadmaker of Paris,” Epicurean Traveler, Vol.1 #1


Cover of the May-june issue of Epicurean magazine

Here are a few tartines, open face sandwiches, from the booklet “The best tartines of Lionel Poilâne.” The tartines are ideal to go with a cocktail, or as light appetizers.

Tartine Anchoïade
2 small cans of anchovies fillets
1 clove garlic
1 t. of olive oil
1 t. of wine vinegar
Pepper to taste
Mix all ingredients together to make a paste. Then put the paste onto a slice of bread with the back of a spoon, so that the paste will penetrate into the bread. Grill in a very hot oven for a few minutes.

Tartine d’Auvergne (a province of France )
Country ham in very thin slices
Slices of Cantal cheese
Put 2 or 3 thin slices of ham (it is much better than a thick one) onto the slice of bread. Cover it with Cantal cheese, and generously grind pepper onto it. Grill it until the cheese is colored.

Tartine coin coin
Fresh duck foie gras
Corinthian currants (1.75 to 2.5 ounces)
Sweet white wine (such as Montbazillac)
Salt and pepper

Put the currants into the wine for a few hours to marinate. Cut two slices of foie gras about 1/2 inch thick, add pepper and salt and gently put them into the flour. Put them in a very hot frying pan, about two minutes on each side (be careful, don’t pick them up, use a wooden spoon or spatula instead). When cooked, put them aside and keep them warm, throw away the grease from the pan, and pour in the white wine and the currants. Reduce it to the utmost. You can now put your grilled bread slices onto a plate, cover them with the foie gras and the concentrated sauce.

Tartine fenouillarde
3.5 to 5.25 oz. chicken (it is ideal to use breasts of chicken)
3 to 3.5 oz fennel
2 to 3 T. fresh cream
2 t. tomato concentrate
1/2 t. harissa sauce
Salt and pepper
Chop the chicken and the fennel with a hand chopper or a knife. Mix them with the fresh cream, the tomato concentrate and the harissa. Cook until chicken is done and sauce is thick. Add salt and pepper to taste. Put then the mixture onto grilled slices of bread.

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