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English Trifle for the Holidays

For most of my adult life we’ve enjoyed English Trifle around the holidays, thanks to my sister-in-law whose recipe follows:   Use a tall glass bowl, 12-14 cup capacity. Approximately 12 Servings   2  12 to 16-ounce pound cakes (may have extra... read more

Gastón Acurio:

Worldwide Ambassador of Peruvian Cuisine   Our tastes in food are closely connected to our childhood; what are your first memories of food? Memories are the most important ingredients in cooking. We exist as chefs because of them. My first memory of food is ceviche,... read more


NIKO ROMITO: ITALY’S ONLY CHEF SOUTH OF ROME WITH THREE MICHELIN STARS On November 5, 2013, Niko Romito, the timid, taciturn and modest, 39-year-old chef of the restaurant “Reale” in Castel di Sangro in the province of L’Aquila, was awarded his third Michelin star for... read more

Perfect Homemade Eggnog

makes 20 servings (1/2 cup each) by Jonathan Clemens Few foods are as synonymous with the holiday season as eggnog, whose creamy texture and rich, sweet flavor is such a wonderful treat during the cold winter months. It tastes like the holidays. A cup of eggnog with... read more

Delicious NOLA

The city beckoned as the 737 landed mid-afternoon at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.  We craved NOLA’s offerings and anticipated people and places prepared to satisfy. Four days and three nights later, ten highlights are too delicious to keep to... read more

Traveling to Tuscany?

    FutureBrand, the international business evaluation company, surveyed thousands of people to describe countries worldwide in a few words. The three most frequent for Italy were culture, beauty, and food. Without a doubt food is a “driver” when it comes to... read more


  text and photos ©2012 Driving down nearly deserted roads during the first two weeks of October, I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘If this is the busy season, what is Vermont like in the off-season.’ This, after all, was the “high season” as... read more